There are plenty of resources on the internet for making good food – recipes from all round the world. I personally have benefitted from the google search which lead to usually successful experiments in the kitchen. However, unfortunately, I have been unable to find a good consolidated resource for Kashmiri recipes. So this is where I hope so good souls will take the time to write and share the traditional Kashmiri recipes.

Why Kashmiri Recipes:
Because we have plenty of resources for non-Kashmiri recipes. Its no point re-inventing the wheel. There are some really great resources that have done great job in putting the recipes togther.

What’s here:
Here we will inshaAllah have a collection of authentic recipes from Kashmir. We would like to promote the various regional cuisines that exist in Kashmir so each recipe has an option to select the region that it is specific to – some recipes are.
The recipes are categorized such that we meet all the needs – the various categories are: appetizers, bread, breakfast, condiments, desserts, drinks, food preservation, holidays, homemade ingredients, main courses, salads, sides, soups and special dietary needs.
InshaAllah we will have a great community that can contribute recipes for each category!

Who can post recipes:
Anyone who registers and takes the time to sit down and type in the recipe. It will be great if you have photographs of the recipe too!

There is a lot more to Kashmiri food than the Wazwan – ( We all love the wazwaan). I hope we can put together recipes of wazwan, naddur monji, street aanchar, gogji, hokh-gaad, pache, and 🙂 all that makes the Kashmiri food!

The logo is our dear old sin-toor 🙂 or could also be the chini/thalbaan with the mountains carved on them – to signify what else – Kashmiri food!

You like something, you dont like something – something looks ugly – something not working – drop a comment and let me know!

PS: If you registered and cant seem to get the registeration mail – no worries, you can log in using the password you had set when registering – the mail might have gone to spam! 😛

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